V-shaped combined oil seal V-type fabric rubber oil seal

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V-rings are V-shaped seals with a wide range of applications and can be used to seal shafts or bores. Multiple combined installations are used in high and low pressure water pressure and hydraulic machines, especially suitable for high pressure, large diameter, high speed, long stroke and other harsh working conditions. It is a relatively strong sealing ring in seal products, which can work normally under very harsh conditions, and has a long service life, and can be optimally combined to adapt to height and various uses. Suitable for applications with rapid pressure changes.

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NBR clip Cloth FKM clip Cloth PTFE

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Line speed:≤0.5m/s

Even under harsh operating conditions, V-ring seals are ideal for sealing plungers, press piston rods, cylinders, valve shafts, and spools,so these seals can be recommended for unpredictable real-world situations.

Product Features

The elastic sealing ring and V-ring are fully applied to the pressure surface with the help of liquid working pressure, so that the working sealing lip is well expanded, and the sealing surface of the cylinder barrel and piston is pressed to achieve the purpose of sealing.
1. The number of pieces of sealing ring can be selected according to the pressure of pressure;
2. Allow certain eccentric load and eccentric movement;
3. During use, if the V-shaped combination sealing ring leaks, the sealing effect can be obtained by adjusting the pressing mechanism to press again;
4. When the filler cannot be loaded from the axial direction, the incision can be opened, and the incision is staggered at 90 degrees during installation;
5. The surface roughness value of the coupling surface can be larger than the surface roughness value of the coupling surface of the seal;
6. Anti-extrusion measures are not required for use under high pressure.

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