PTFE filled RYT guide ring wear strip for hydraulic elements Bronze Filled Ptfe Guide Tape Wear Ring Wear Strip RYT Seal

Short Description:

The function of the guide belt is to prevent contact friction and wear between the hydraulic cylinder plug and the cylinder barrel or the piston rod and the inner wall of the guide sleeve during movement.Guide belt due to fluorocarbon resin (PTFE) low friction, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and other excellent characteristics, has been widely used as friction, sealing parts, especially in the corrosive medium, and this problem is often difficult to solve the general metal and other non-metallic materials. The elasticity and toughness of fluorocarbon resin make it an excellent sealing material, especially when it is further modified through various filling and composite with some aromatic res ins into plastic alloys, it can obtain higher bearing capacity, thermal mechanical stability, wear resistance and PV limits.

Product Detail

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Product material

PTFE Phenolic cloth

Scope of application

The general use temperature range is -40~ 120 ℃.

Product Features

Extremely wear-resistant, low-friction, heat-resistant, chemically resistant, allowing any foreign matter to be embedded in the guided wear-resistant ring, preventing the loss of particles to the cylinder and seals, with vibration absorption performance, and excellent wear resistance and good dry running characteristics.

Instructions for use

It should be kept sealed to prevent external factors from affecting the performance of the guide ring.

Check the machine before installation to ensure that it is clean and intact.

During installation, the lip on the sealing surface should be smooth and smooth without any damage to the surface. Special tools should be used for installation, and installation tools with clearance should not be used.PTFE has vibration absorption, wear resistance and good dry performance. Its material also phenolic cloth guide ring, modified PTFE, resin cloth guide belt, etc., mainly used in mobile hydraulic equipment, heavy duty cylinder, cylinder, injection machine, rolling mill and other parts.

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