Static Seal NBR FKM FFKM PU coated O-ring available from stock to support customization

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O-ring is a sealing element that can seal in both directions, the initial sealing capacity of O-ring is achieved by installing radial or axial precompression in various forms of mounting grooves, O-ring will increase deformation with the increase of working pressure, the sealing effect is enhanced, when the working pressure drops to 0, the deformation returns to the original compression state of the installation.

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Product Features

1. It can be applied to a wide range of pressure, temperature and gap occasions
2. Easy to maintain, not easy to damage or re-tension
3. There is no critical torque in tensioning, which will not cause structural damage
4. O-rings usually require small space and light weight
5. O-rings can be reused, which is an advantage that many non-elastic flat seals do not have
6. Under normal use conditions, the life can reach the aging period of O-ring materials
7. O-ring failure is generally gradual and easy to judge
8. It has a very low price

Installation requirements

Before installing the O-ring (O-rubber seal ring), check the following:
1. Whether the leading Angle is processed according to the drawing or whether the sharp edge is chamfered or rounded;
2. Whether the inner diameter is removed burr surface has no pollution;
3. Whether the seals and parts have been coated with grease or lubricating liquid (to ensure the medium compatibility of the elastomer, it is recommended to use the sealed liquid to lubricate);
4. Grease containing solid additives, such as molybdenum disulfide and zinc sulfide, shall not be used.

manual installation of O-ring (O-type rubber seal ring)

1. Use tools without sharp edges;
2. Ensure that the O-ring (O-rubber seal ring) is not distorted, and do not overstretch the O-ring (O-rubber seal ring);
3. Use auxiliary tools to install the O-ring (O-type rubber seal ring) and ensure correct positioning;
4. For the O-ring (O-rubber sealing ring) bonded by sealing strips, do not stretch at the joint.

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