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Short Description:

Stefeng is generally composed of a rubber O-ring and a PTFE ring. O-rings are force application elements that provide sufficient sealing force and compensate for PTFE rings. Suitable for hydraulic cylinder piston rod sealing. Stefeng is a single-acting seal, which is divided into a stearth seal for piston and a steseal for piston rod. Steseal has the advantages of low friction, no crawling, small starting force, high pressure resistance, and simple groove structure

Product Detail

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Product material

PTFE graphite

Scope of application

Working pressure: up to 70Mpa
Speed: maximum 15m/s
Operating temperature: -30°C to 120°C (nitrile O-ring)
-30°C to 200°C (Viton O-Ring)

Product Features

1. Low friction resistance, no crawling phenomenon;
2.Dynamic and static sealing effects are quite good;
3. No stickiness;
4. Good performance with and without lubrication;
5. Simple trench structure;
6. High pressure resistance, strong adaptability to working conditions;
7. A variety of specifications, the grid can be used for hydraulic cylinders up to 2500mm in diameter, while the Stefeng is suitable for any piston and piston rod with a maximum diameter of 1330mm.


The installation and assembly of the seal is to install the O-ring, and then install the wear ring of the seal, and when installing the wear ring, the wear ring should be first along its diameter to the inside of the pressure, and then the wear ring should be installed to the inside of the groove, followed by the hand to smooth the deformation of the place. Is it very simple, but we can not be careless when installing, to step by step steady progress, can not feel simple careless negligence, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. So if the seal is used in the northern winter, then we should first heat the wear ring to the shaft, so as not to affect its use because the external temperature is too low, and then cover after cooling, and then continue to install according to the above method, and when the shaft must pay attention to observe whether the shaft is completely set to the wear ring, And pay attention to the guide belt do not jam shaft, otherwise it may be because the guide belt is squeezed out of the groove after the bad seal.

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