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The cassette seal is completely hermetically sealed, forming a labyrinth filled with grease inside, with several seals and dust lips (radial and axial). The main sealing lip is spring-driven. This effectively prevents the penetration of dirt, mud, water and dust. Grease dosing reduces wear and extends service life, resulting in longer maintenance intervals for heavy-duty applications. The cassette seal also contains a pre-treated sealing contact surface. This means that the shaft does not have to be particularly hardened and surface polished. No additional dust seal is required either.

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Cassette seals are used to seal grease and oil.
NBR 70 – Good chemical resistance to a wide range of mineral oils and greases.
FKM 80 – Mineral oils and greases, synthetic oils and greases, engine, gear and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, broad resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Product Features

1. Strong sealing performance
Compared with the traditional TC and TB oil seals, the special design structure of this oil seal has strong sealing performance when running out and radial swing movement, has a long pollutant intrusion channel, and has extremely high resistance to pollutant invasion, so that the oil seal can protect the cavity from pollutant intrusion in a complex movement working environment.
2. Extend the maintenance cycle and low maintenance cost
The sealing lip of the combined oil seal does not contact with the shaft surface, and the shaft surface does not need to be processed and ground when repairing and replacing the oil seal, which can greatly increase the service life of the shaft, extend the maintenance cycle, and reduce the maintenance cost.
3. High environmental performance
The cassette combination oil seal is maintenance-free, and the lower number of replacements reduces the equipment downtime rate, reduces the pollution of soil and water body caused by the leakage of sealing media, and reduces the potential pollution of the surrounding environment of the old parts after repair and disassembly. Today, when environmental awareness has been greatly improved, we have more reason to choose environmentally friendly cassette combination oil seals.

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