Xi ‘an teaches students to do environmental gestures

Teach students to do environmental gestures, show environmental instruments and equipment, college students into the atmosphere monitoring laboratory... On the eve of the June 5th Environment Day, the ecological environment System of Xi 'an, Shaanxi Province, held a variety of themed publicity activities to create a new publicity method and advocate the public's active participation in ecological and environmental protection.

The staff of Yanta Branch of Xi 'an Ecological Environment Bureau walked into the campus, introduced the origin and significance of June 5th Environment Day to the students, and popularized the knowledge of biodiversity protection and ecological environmental protection laws and regulations. "The earth is my home, we love her, you plant a tree, I plant a flower." Under the leadership of the staff of Yanta Branch of the Municipal Bureau of Ecological Environment, the students learned environmental gesture exercises together. Through simple tips and actions, learn the knowledge of ecological environmental protection, guide everyone to start from the small things around, save water and electricity, do a good job of garbage sorting, green travel, low-carbon life, and strive to be a small guardian of environmental protection. In addition, the activity also has fun questions and answers, interactive experiments and other links. The students actively participated in and actively interacted with each other, saying that they should start from themselves, and lead their families and friends to practice a green and low-carbon lifestyle and protect biodiversity.

Xi 'an Ecological Environment Bureau New City Branch awarded awards to 10 units and 10 individuals who won the title of "Advanced ecological Environmental Protection Work in New Urban Area in 2022". Live artistic performances, instrumental singing "Sound Slow", three and a half "Environmental protection, Everyone's responsibility", small chorus "Make China more beautiful" and other programs will culminate the activity. The site also carried out ecological environmental protection laws and regulations consultation, environmental protection instruments and equipment display.

Yanliang Branch of Xi 'an Ecological Environment Bureau invited students from Xi 'an Aeronautical Vocational and Technical College to visit the environmental monitoring laboratory. Under the leadership of the staff, we visited the atmospheric and water environment laboratory on site, watched various monitoring equipment and facilities at close range, and learned about the development history of environmental monitoring stations, how to carry out surface water monitoring, and the construction of air, water and noise monitoring networks in Yanliang District. An immersive, interactive and experiential environmental protection lesson was given to college students to further stimulate their sense of responsibility to participate in ecological environmental protection.

Post time: Jun-09-2023