Difference between hydraulic rock drill and pneumatic rock drill

Hydraulic rock drills and pneumatic rock drills are two different types of rock drilling tools, and they all have some obvious differences in principle, use and performance. The following are the main differences between hydraulic rock drills and pneumatic rock drills:

  Principle: The hydraulic rock drill uses hydraulic pressure as the power source, and the hammer head is driven to drill rock by the high-pressure liquid force provided by the hydraulic pressure. system. Pneumatic rock drills use compressed air to drive hammer heads for rock drilling.

Power source: Hydraulic rock drills are powered by hydraulic power devices (such as hydraulic pumps and hydraulic engines); pneumatic rock drills require external air compressors or air sources to provide compressed air power.

  Use environment: hydraulic rock drills are usually used in larger engineering projects and mines, and usually require higher power hydraulic devices and hydraulic systems to support their work. Pneumatic rock drills are more commonly used on small construction sites and indoor work. Due to the use of aerodynamics, it is relatively safe and suitable for environments with low noise and low vibration.

  Applicable objects: Hydraulic rock drills are usually suitable for relatively hard geological conditions, such as rocks, concrete, etc., and their greater rock drilling force can better cope with difficult rock drilling work. Pneumatic rock drills are suitable for soft geological conditions, such as gypsum and soil, due to their small drilling force.

Maintenance: hydraulic rock drills are relatively complicated, and because of the hydraulic system, regular replacement of hydraulic oil and system maintenance are required to keep them in good working condition; pneumatic rock drills are usually relatively simple, just keep the air system dry and under normal pressure .

In short, hydraulic rock drills are more suitable for large-scale engineering projects in terms of power, scope of application, and use environment, while pneumatic rock drills are more suitable for small construction sites and indoor operations. Which rock drill to choose should be determined according to specific work needs, geological conditions and budget.


Post time: Aug-08-2023