China’s high-speed rail test runs at a new speed, breaking a world record

China has confirmed that its latest high-speed train, the CR450, reached a speed of 453 kilometers per hour in the test phase, ahead of current high-speed trains in Germany, France, Britain, Spain and other countries. The data also broke the world’s fastest high-speed train speed record. A new technology being tested could help reduce the power consumption of high-speed trains. According to Chinese engineers, the high operating cost of electricity has become one of the key factors limiting the speed of high-speed rail.



The CR450 train is a key link in a new generation railway project driven by the Chinese government, whose main goal is to build a faster and more sustainable railway system in China. It is reported that the CR450 train test was carried out in the Fuqing to Quanzhou section of the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway. In tests, the train reached a top speed of 453 kilometers per hour. Not only that, the maximum speed of the two columns relative to the intersection reached 891 kilometers per hour.

According to Chinese media reports, the new technology components have undergone rigorous performance tests. According to China National Railway Group Co., LTD., the test marks the development of CR450 EMU has achieved stage results, for the “CR450 science and technology innovation project” has laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation.

China already has the world’s largest high-speed rail network, 10 times the size of Spain’s. But it has no plans to stop, with plans to increase the number of high-speed rail lines in operation to 70,000 km by 2035.

Post time: Aug-02-2023