Static Seal NBR FKM PU coated X-ring available from stock to support customization

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Star ring is the most commonly used seal in hydraulic cylinder, it is a typical lip seal, whether used for piston or piston rod can obtain a good sealing effect, U-ring in the case of low pressure, only by the interference deformation of the lip to produce sealing, because of the small contact area, the friction force is relatively low, as the pressure rises, the elastic deformation of the lip increases, tensile, compression and bending stress increases, the radial compression force of the U-ring automatically becomes larger, and the length of contact with the sealing surface continues to increase, until the entire axial length of the U-ring is in contact with the sealing surface, This ensures good sealing under high pressure.

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Star seals are widely used, but they are mainly used for dynamic seals, but their use is limited by pressure and speed.

Dynamic sealing applications
Used to seal reciprocating pistons, piston rods, plungers.
Shafts or mandrels used to seal oscillating, rotating or helical movements.
Static sealing applications
Seal radially stationary parts such as sleeves, end caps, tubes.
Seal parts that are axially stationary, such as flanges, covers, etc.

Product Features

1、1. Because its cross-section is four sealing lips, there is no distortion in the groove, so when reciprocating motion, the star ring will not roll in the groove.
2. The friction is small, and because there is a good pressure distribution on the star ring section, a very good sealing effect can be obtained.
3. Star ring can completely replace O-ring, non-circular section, avoid rolling in reciprocating motion. It is based on the performance of the O-ring has been improved and improved, and its standard size is exactly the same as the American AS568 standard O-ring

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