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Panplug seal is a U-shaped Teflon high-performance seal with a special spring, which is composed of appropriate spring force and system fluid pressure, the sealing lip (face) is pushed out and the metal surface to be sealed is gently pressed to produce a very excellent sealing effect. The actuation effect of the spring overcomes the slight eccentricity of the metal mating surface and the wear of the sealing lip, while maintaining the expected sealing performance.

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1. The sealing performance is not affected by insufficient lubrication when starting;
2. Effectively reduce wear and friction resistance;
3. Through the combination of different sealing materials and springs, different sealing forces can be displayed to meet the needs of various applications It adopts a special CNC machining mechanism, no mold cost - especially suitable for a small number of diverse seals;
4. Chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance are far better than commonly used seal rubber, dimensional stability, no volume expansion or shrinkage derived sealing performance deterioration;
5. Exquisite structure, can be installed in standard O-ring groove;
6. Greatly improve the sealing capacity and service life;
7. The seal groove can be filled with any anti-pollution material (such as silicone) - but not suitable for radiation environment;
8. Because the sealing material is Teflon, it is very clean and will not contaminate the process The friction coefficient is extremely low, even in very low speed applications, it is very smooth, and there is no "stagflage effect";
9. The starting friction resistance is small, even if the downtime is long or intermittent operation, the starting power performance can be maintained.


Rotary floodplug seals shall be installed only in open grooves.

For concentric and stress-free installation, follow the steps below:

1. Put the sealing parts into the open groove;

2. With cover, do not tighten first;

3. Install shaft;

4. Attach the cover to the body.

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